The Smallest Portable Wireless Scanner

pocket scan

This portable scanner could save you lots of time and money. It would save you having to go two floors up to use the office scanner. As you can simply scan anything and send it straight to your smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows you to scan big or small objects making the possibilities endless.

You can quickly scan documents and photos so that you can send them easily to friends or for work. The Pocket Scan was invented by Swiss company Dacuda who wanted to reduce the time that it took to send documents. The Pocket Scan is around the size of a business card which means that it’s not that big at all.

To make it work all you have to do is press the button and move the Pocket Scan over the document that you want to copy. You can then see it being copied onto your chosen device as you scan it. What’s great about this invention is that when you scan the document you can then edit it as a real document. It also translates text if you copy a foreign language it will then show you what it means in your language.

At the time of this blog post going live the Pocket Scan retails for $149 which is around £115. This isn’t a bad price at all considering the endless possibilities that the pocket scanner has. As we are moving towards a technological age especially when it comes to accessories this would be a great gift for any one who worked from home.

It’s a similar price to top scanners and can be really useful if you need to do work on the go as it’s a reasonable size to transport. We could certainly use one here at Phone Heroes as we are constantly photocopying documents to transfer onto our devices.

by Asia Walker