Here’s The World’s Smallest Drone

small drone

YouTuber Lewis from Unbox Therapy decides to unbox the “World’s Smallest Drone”.  Drones have become a big thing over the past two years. We are even starting to use them to deliver packages. But can drone this size work just as well as a normal sized one? Well yes it can and this video proves it.  Although it may not be able to carry anything it is a great gadget to play with we can imagine any tech obsessed person would have great fun playing with it.

The drone itself is by Cheerson who are an electronic supplier on Amazon. It retails for £19.99 on Amazon which isn’t a bad price for a small drone in our opinion. We have looked at their Amazon store and they sell a wide range of different drones. There are small drones, medium sized ones and even large ones on sale in all different colours. The prices of their drones range from £20-£50 depending on the size of the device.

The drone itself comes in reasonably sized packaging considering that it’s quite small. It comes with it’s own control as well as the drone itself. It has 4 blades that allow the drone to fly. The console to control the drone requires AAA batteries that some users may not be aware of. The drone does take flight but I can imagine that it will be harder to control than a normal sized drone.

It would be a lot cooler if the drone could also capture video however, we can imagine that it would have to be a bit bigger to fit a lens inside to be able to capture video. You could then create your own videos without having the hassle of carrying around a massive backpack with your drone inside. Have you tried the World’s smallest drone yet?

by Asia Walker