How To Update Your iPhone

iPhone iOS 10 Update


In this blog post I am going to be showing you step by step how to update your iPhone to the latest iOS. It’s always good to check if your iPhone is up to date as your iPhone can be effected otherwise. You always want to make sure that you have time to update your iPhone as it can sometimes take a few minutes to fully update. Lets get started…


1. Finding “Software Update”: 

Go to Settings > General > Software Update 


2. Is Your Software Up To Date?

2a. If your software is up to date then a similar screen to the one shown below will appear and it will say “Your Software Is Up To Date”



2b. If your software is not up to date then it will ask you to update it. It will either say “Download and Install” or “Update”



3. How To Update It

Click on “download and install” or “update” > Enter your iPhone’s passcode > Agree to Terms and Conditions > Update will then begin to download


4. The update may take a few minutes to download


5. Your iPhone will then turn off and a white screen will appear this means that it is updating

Once it has finished updating you may notice a few differences to your iPhone such as the way it functions for example. If you are unsure how to work your iPhone after you have updated it there are always plenty of videos where people show you what new features there are.

We always recommend having your iPhone updated to the latest iOS as it has the latest security which means that your device’s protection is more secure. It also solves any bug issues that the previous iOS may be suffering from. In the next few weeks we will be uploading lots more videos for both Apple & Android devices. Keep an eye out on our blog, Facebook & Twitter for more updates.

iPhone 7 Screen Repairs

iPhone 7 Screen Repairs

We are happy to announce that we are now offering screen repairs and liquid damage diagnosis & repair on the iPhone 7. We can help you out with a wide range of screen issues such as broken glass, faulty LCDs or maybe the screen is just not turning on. We also carry out liquid damage diagnosis for the iPhone 7.

Our screen repairs take half an hour to complete and comes with a 1-Year warranty as standard. We only use the highest quality screens for our repairs and this is why we can confidently offer all our customer our one year warranty as standard.

Our liquid damage diagnosis can take between 1 to 3 hours to complete. What does our liquid damage diagnosis involve? Our techs will open your device up & put it through our ultrasonic cleaner which will clean under all the chips on the logic board to get rid of any liquid residue. We will then close the iPhone back up and test the device to make sure it is fully working.

Getting your iPhone 7 fixed with us couldn’t be simpler, you can either walk-in and get your repair done while you wait or you can book an appointment on our website in advance to guarantee the quickest turn around time. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 3397 7407.

A Bit About Your iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 was released on the 16th September 2016 & comes in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black, Jet Black. It comes in three different capacity’s 32GB, 128GB & 256GB. It has a 4.7″ retina HD display and a 1334×750-pixel resolution. Both the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus have the A10 chip & a 12MP camera.

It has up to two more hours of battery life compared to the iPhone 6s. It has been a popular phone ever since it was released with a big emphasis on the advanced new camera system. Not to mention the fact that it is splash and water resistant.

Book A Repair

London’s First iPhone Repair Cafe

iPhone repair with coffee

IMG_7073-copy-618x1024-618x1024Phone Heroes Café is London’s first smartphone, tablet and laptop repair café. Our concept is simple,  while our techs repair your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can sit back & relax. With many of our most popular smartphone repairs taking only 30 minutes to complete, it’s a perfect time to enjoy one of our freshly roasted organic coffees or something to eat.

It doesn’t stop there, as part of a crusade to help our customers with their tech we also run courses on using your tech – from beginners guides to using your iPhone & iPad to programming your first iPhone app, there’s something for everyone.

Our freshly baked pastries and hearty sandwiches are prepared fresh daily, whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or something more filling, they are guaranteed to satisfy!




We take pride in our coffee! Our organic beans are sourced from our local roaster in Notting Hill and are freshly ground in store daily, making a deliciously rich and creamy coffee every time.

Started by Francesco Guarnaccia in his bedroom in 2013, Phone Heroes was born. Fran’s passion and aptitude for fixing friends and families broken tech were clear, in 2014 Phone Heroes became a Prince’s Trust Supported business and the company quickly expanded to open their first shop in Earl’s Court station in 2015.


Abel Working

Our most popular repairs include our 30-minute screen repair and 20-minute battery replacement. Francesco noticed his customers were looking for somewhere to go while their tech was being fixed. This problem for customers was the inspiration for the new store, Phone Heroes Café in Hendon, combining our high tech repair centre with our café, offering delicious coffees, pastries and sandwiches to enjoy while you wait.

Phone Heroes repair centres offer a full range of repairs on the most popular devices on the market:  iPhone, MacBook, Samsung, Sony and more.



Devices We Repair

How To Restore & Wipe Your iPhone

iphone reset setting

In this blog post I am going to be showing you step by step how to restore and erase all of the data from your iPhone. All these steps are useful If you are planning to selling your iPhone or giving it to a family member or friend. If you are signed into iMessage or iCloud you will need to sign out, to be able to fully clear the phone of all of your data I will also cover how to do this in this article.  Lets get started…

1. Signing out of iMessage: 

Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > tap on Apple ID >  tap on Sign Out

This is super important as if you do not sign out of iMessage then next owner of the iPhone will receive all of your messages : /

2. Signing out of your Apple ID & removing your iCloud data: 

Go to Settings > Apple ID > scroll to the bottom > Sign Out > type in your Apple ID  password > tap Turn Off > Keep a copy of your data on this iPhone? > tap Sign Out.


This will remove your iCloud account from the iPhone, it will also remove all your iCloud data from the iPhone but it will not delete the data from you iCloud account itself.

3. Restoring Your iPhone Back To Factory Settings: 

Go to Settings >  General  > scroll to the bottom > tap on Reset > Erase All Content And Settings > enter your iPhone’s passcode >  tap on  Erase iPhone

The restore loading screen will appear and the iPhone will begin to restore. Once it has finished restoring the Hello, Bonjour set up screen will appear. Your iPhone has now been restored to factory settings and is ready to give away.  We are going to be uploading a “How To Set Up Your iPhone Video” very soon.

In the next few weeks we will be uploading lots more videos for both Apple & Android devices. Keep an eye out on our blog, Facebook & Twitter for more updates.

Cycle Safely With Lumos

lumos bike helmet

Being a cyclist can be a great thing as it can get you from A to B a lot quicker than a car or a train ride. However, it can also be very dangerous especially in built up cities like London. Lumos Helmet have decided to come up with a bicycle helmet that will not only protect your head but also your overall safety. It has indicators on the back that you can activate from pressing a button on your handlebars.

You can choose whether you are going left,right or straight on. As you have lights on your helmet you don’t have to worry about your lights being stolen off your bike whenever you leave it somewhere. The lumos bike helmet is water resistant, has turn signals incorporated into it, integrated lights, automatic break lights and a rechargeable battery.

Cyclists should be able to take control of their safety easily. However, we have found that cyclists often forget to turn their lights on, forget them at home or lose them completely. Therefore, they are increasing the danger that they are in as they cycle down each road. It protects the cyclist as at the back of the helmet there are a set of lights that change when you choose a different setting. For example, when a cyclist presses the left button then the helmet will show a signal saying that they are turning left.

It’s super easy to use all you have to do is turn it on, wear it, pick the setting you need whenever you are changing direction and then ride. There’s a triangle at the back that lights up red to make drivers aware that there is a cyclist in front of them. In addition to this on the front of the helmet there are lights that light up so that on coming traffic can see the cyclist as well.

It has automatic break lights that have an integrated accelerometer which measures when you are slowing down and automatically turns on the break lights. It has a rechargeable battery that you can charge by using a cable. An example, of the charge is if you use the helmet everyday for 30 minutes with the lights then it will last about a week.

This device could really improve the safety of cyclists in London as it helps both the cyclist and the driver. I really like the idea of it and I think that every cyclist should have one as it can be so dangerous sometimes even just cycling down the road.

The Smallest Smartphone In The World?!

smallest smartphone

From a far this may look like an Apple watch however it’s actually a smartphone. You can insert a sim card into the back of it to be able to call people from it. It can allow you to send messages, check the weather, use Facebook and even make calls. It is currently the smallest touch screen smartphone in the world.

Although there is a big market for high-tech smartphones that can do everything there is equally a big market for smaller devices that can do the same amount of activities as sometimes top branded smartphones can be seen as a luxury item when most of us just want a device that will get the job done. The Vphone S8 is about the size of a matchbox and has a 1.54-inch TFT touchscreen, that has a 2.5D curved glass around it to protect it.

It’s not the highest quality as it only costs around £27.54 so for that price you can’t expect the quality that you get from an iPhone. The smartphone has an unlock button, a charging port, a sim card, a microphone and a speaker. The Vphone S8 is 46.7 mm x 37.3 mm x 9.9 mm in terms of size and only weighs 30 grams. You can either get the smartphone in black or grey depending on what colour you prefer.

As it is a smartphone it can do all of the things a usual smartphone does without having to be connected to another smartphone or a tablet. It has a 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM you can obviously increase the amount of storage space by putting an 8GB for example into the T-flash card slot. At the moment the smartphone only supports 2G with hopes that it may increase to 4G one day.

Overall for the price that you are paying the smartphone that you get is not bad at all. It functions as well as any other smartphone can. Of course there are restrictions to what you can do on there and the available coverage settings. However, if you are looking for a basic smartphone to keep costs down then this may be the one for you.

Senstone Wearable Voice Recorder


Have you ever said something that you didn’t note down and wish you had? I’ve done that plenty of times. With the help of the new Senstone which is a wearable recording device you can now record your thoughts there and then. All you have to do is tap the device to begin recording and then tap it again to stop recording. You can use the device for many different functions such as sending a text to your friends.

The device is about the size of a broach and can easily be clipped onto you or can be put onto a necklace. The data is then transferred from the device to an app on your smartphone. The device is not only a voice recorder but can type out what you have said. Then you can edit what you said and share it with others.

The moment that you record something it is synced to the app on your smartphone and uploaded to the cloud. Your recordings are then converted into text by extracting keywords & analysing your speech patterns. Although the gadget has been tested it is not due to be available for purchase until September.  However, some will be available in July for early birds.

As the gadget will need connection to sync your recordings from the device to the if you ever lose connection it will hold your recordings until it can sync them again. At the moment the gadget is in the middle of collecting funds for it all to go ahead. If they recieve enough funds then we will be sure to see this handy gadget on the market in no time. This will surely help many of us when we have to remember but nowhere to write them down. It can be used for the smallest of things such as noting down your shopping list or even dates you need to remember.

You Can Now Make Your Own 3D Selfies

3d selfie

Have you ever thought about creating your own 3D selfie? Well now you can with The Bellus 3D which is a high quality, easy-to-use and affordable face scanner which you can use alongside your smartphone. All you have to do is attach the Face Camera to your device and follow the onscreen directions. They will tell you to turn your head from left to right which will then build a realistic 3D model of your face.

You can then decide whether you want to share it with your friends on social media or create your own 3D print of your head. The product itself is a combination of two state-of-the-art technologies that measure around 500,000 3D points on your face. This means that the end result is a much higher-resolution and a lot more accurate and life like.

At the moment this product is only available to Android products. You connect the camera to your smartphone via the USB port of the smartphone. Then when you want to use the product the camera’s data gets sent to the mobile device to process the image. The detachable camera itself  has it’s own detachable ring light, colour sensor, two infrared sensors and Two Infrared Laser structured-light projectors.

The product is available to purchase in early 2017 around February/March time however these are only available to developers or partners. Some ways that the technology can be used are by applying make up to the 3D model so you can see a realistic version of how it will look on yourself. You can create your own face to use in a video game or VR world. You could use the software to create a virtual copy of yourself to try clothes on so that you can see what they look like before you try them on.

The whole concept is a little strange as the result is so life like however, I think that this may become very popular over the next few years in all industries.


The First Rolling Robot Porter: The Gita

gita robot

There’s no doubt that our future involves a lot of robots. We have seen many examples of robotic inventions over the last few years that can really make a difference to our every day life. Vespa’s brand owner, the Piaggio Group have designed a robot called The Gita which is your own personal porter. The robot itself is 22″ tall and has a smooth, shiny surface which has large rubber treads and various cameras to help the robot navigate. Inside the robot is a small compartment which you can open from the top that you can use to store things in. It can carry up to 40 pounds and you can put anything in there from your work bag to your food shopping.

The size of the storage space inside can fit a 14″ Notebook in comfortably as well as having extra room surrounding it. The robot can walk around both indoors and outdoors depending on where you need to go.The owner of the robot has to wear a special belt that connects to The Gita instead of it using GPS. The belt has cameras built in, which helps the Gita process where you are going.

The Gita makes sure to keep a good distance between itself and you while you are walking or running. However, when you stop it will come and stop close by to you. It still has four-six months of testing left before it’s made available to purchase. The Gita is mainly going to be used for corporate campuses, hospitals and stores to begin with.

Piaggio want to release something for the public to use also to save people from carrying shopping home or a heavy bag. The price of the robot is yet to be revealed as there is still more testing to be done. Whether or not the robot will be able to follow you just down the street or across town we will soon find out. This could be an exciting product that everyone can use that’s if the price is reasonable of course.