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Same-Day iPhone Repair London

Phone Heroes offers a wide range of iPhone repairs in London.  All of our repairs come with a One Year Warranty as standard. Repairs are usually completed within 30 minutes of receiving the device. Read or customer reviews here


iPhone Screen Repair London

If you own an iPhone and live in London, Phone Heroes is your No 1 place for your iPhone screen repair in London. We offer both a walk-in service and on-demand service where we collect, repair and return your device within 3 hours. We offer iPhone screen repairs in London on all models from our most popular iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 to the latest models being the iPhone X. We will even repair phones as old as the iPhone 3.


Not From London but Need an iPhone Repair?

Don’t worry we’ve got your back! If you’re in need of an iPhone battery replacement it will take our technicians about 20 minutes to replace it and you can get on with enjoying your time in London. If you need an iPhone screen repair, our Earl’s Court repair centre in London is located at the entrance to Earls Court’s tube station. You can get on the Piccadilly Line, District Line or Circle line to get to Earls court station. We are located at the entrance to the station so no need to travel far.

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Not sure what iPhone you have? Don’t worry, we have an awesome tool that can help you. Check out powerbookmedic.com. Its super easy to use, simply enter the serial or model number of your iPhone and you have all the info you need about your iPhone. You will find your serial number and model number in “Settings > General > About”


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iPhone History

The first iPhone was launched back in 2007 where it revolutionised the world of mobile phones. Apple was the first company to really master the smartphone. They got rid of the physical keypad and replaced it with a touchscreen, back in  2007 this had never been done before and this was what really launched the iPhone to the success it is today. The large touchscreen did, however, carry its problems too. Given the size of the large touchscreen made out of glass, people started cracking their screens a lot more. This gave birth to the iPhone screen repair services. In 2013 we opened our Earls Court iPhone screen repair shop, since then we have repaired over 100k iPhone screens and are continuously growing. In 2017 Apple shipped over 1 Billion iPhones.


iPhone Screen Repair History

Since  2007 The iPhone form factor has changed several times. With these changes, Apple had to develop the technology of the screen

The iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS screens are very different to the modern day iPhone X. The iPhone 2G to iPhone 3GS screens came in three separate parts: the touch screen, LCD and the screen frame. This was great for iPhone screen repairs as we could replace the glass and touchscreen and use the original LCD and frame by doing this we were able to offer cheap iPhone screen repairs.

It all changed when the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s came out, the iPhone 4 and 4s screen repair became more complicated as we had to remove all components from the iPhone before removing the screen. Once the screen was removed we were no longer able to replace just the glass and touchscreen as Apple had welded the glass and touchscreen as well as the LCD and frame together. So where we were able to just replace the Glass on the iPhone 3 we now had to replace the entire screen unit.

When the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c came out, Apple changed the way we needed to repair the device instead of taking everything out of the iPhone to get to the screen we were able to just remove the screen unit and replace it with a new unit, this allowed for repairs to be carried out while you wait 30 minutes.

Since the iPhone 5 series, the screen replacement process has been pretty much the same process for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 with just a few changes to the iPhone front camera and connectors.

The biggest change we have seen in the iPhone repair industry has been in the iPhone X Screen repair. Apple decided the use OLED screen instead of an LCD screen. OLED screens are a lot brighter and generally and a lot better quality than LCD. The biggest problem with them is the price, at the moment OLED screen is about double the price of an LCD screen this is because they are a newer technology and fewer screen are being produced. Over the next couple of years, the price for OLED screens will come down and will most likely be used in your standard iPhone screens.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the iPhone please click here