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Our Repairs Here at Phone Heroes we offer a wide range of repairs for the Samsung A31 Most of these repairs can be found in the left hand column however if you can’t find the repair that you need then we recommend giving us a call to see if we provide this repair.

For some of our repairs we offer both a call out service or a courier service. A call out service means that our technician can come to you and we will repair it on the spot. On the other hand, a courier service simply means we pick the device up, fix it and drop it back off on the same day. To find out if the repair you need is included in these services then you can either call us up or email us.

Diagnosis Not sure what’s wrong with your device? Well don’t worry, we offer a diagnosis for all of our customers. Simply book an appointment with one of our Heroes or feel free to give us a call.

020 3397 7407

Samsung A31 screen Repair

Do you have a smashed Samsung A31 screen? The Phone Heroes London team of qualified technicians are on hand to fix your issue. The Samsung A31 screen repair is one of our most common repairs and our technicians have an extremely efficient and quality turn around time. To replace the screen on an Samsung A31 it only takes around an hour to complete. If you are unsure if just the screen is cracked then we can help you out with that. Just bring your Phone into us and one of our technicians can let you know if you need a screen repair or an LCD repair.

To get in touch with us, just use our online booking service, or alternatively feel free to call us directly on 020 3397 7407 if you have any more questions that you would like to ask us.

All Samsung A31 glass repairs come with our One-Year Warranty.

Samsung A31 Broken Screen: £129

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Samsung A31 Battery Replacement

Is your Samsung A31 battery having trouble holding its charge or running down extremely quickly? Perhaps your Phone isn’t charging at all. Then it sounds like you need a new battery and you need to get your old battery replaced. Our battery replacements on the Samsung A31 take around about 45 minutes to fully replace. All of our repair centers offer this repair in store.

Simply arrange your repair using our online booking service, or contact one of the Phone Heroes team directly on 020 3397 7407 and we will make sure that your phone battery is fully functioning again.

All Phone Heroes Local Samsung A31 repairs come with our complementary One-Year Warranty .as standard.

Samsung A31 Battery Replacement: £40

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Samsung A31 Charging Dock

If you have a faulty charging dock then have no fear the Phone Heroes are here! Our heroes can fix your Samsung A31 charging dock in a flash as our charging dock repairs only take around 45 minutes. If you are unsure about this repair then one of the technicians will be happy to go through it with you before you decide to go ahead with it.

We have a number of different ways that you can book a repair with us either via our online booking system which allows you to pick a certain date and time or by speaking to one of the Heroes on 020 3397 7407. Another way that you can book an appointment is by calling us up on the number above and one of the team can book you in over the phone. This repair comes with our One-Year Warranty.

Samsung A31 Charging Dock: £40

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Samsung A31 Audio issue

Do you find that your Audio issue or your Samsung A31 won’t work at all? You will require a Audio issue replacement. They don’t take long to replace so why wait another day. Book an appointment in advance to ensure the quickest turn around time by using our online appointment form. If you prefer speaking to us directly then give us a call on 020 3397 7407 instead.

All Phone Heroes London Samsung A31 Audio issue come with our One-Year Warranty.

Samsung A31 Audio issue: £40

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Samsung A31 Liquid Damage

Have you spilt some liquid onto your Samsung A31 and now it’s not working? One issue that could be causing your Samsung A31 not to work is the components within the Phone shorting out. Another reason could be that liquid corrosion has damaged to your logic board. We have an 85% success rate in recovering liquid damaged devices. Just bring your Samsung A31 into see one of our technicians who can take a look at your phone.

Simply use our online booking form to book yourself an appointment or call us directly on 020 3397 7407.

Liquid Damage Diagnosis: £20

*All prices given are quotes and may vary depending on the extent of the liquid damage.

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Samsung A31 water damage

Can’t Find Your Samsung A31 Repair?

Although we my have not listed the repair that your Samsung A31 requires we may have the parts in stock as we keep a wide range of stock in store. If you know what repair you need then you can simply call us up or walk-in and one of our team members will sort it out for you. On the other hand, if you don’t know what is wrong with your Phone we can find out what is causing the issue that you are facing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via our inquiry form or alternatively call us on 020 3397 7407 and one of the Heroes will be happy to help. We are open 7 days a week so there is always someone you can talk to about your tech.

All Phone Heroes London Samsung A31 repairs come with our One-Year Warranty.

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