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Apple released the iPhone 8 in September 2017. The iPhone 8 is different to previous models as the front and back of the iPhone are now glass. You can now charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly as well as using augmented reality to experience things you have never experienced before. Like the iPhone 7 & 7 plus the iPhone 8 & 8 plus are both water and dust resistant. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7inch screen whereas the iPhone 8 has a 5.5inch screen. Both iPhones have a 12mp camera which is more advanced than ever.

The camera feature also has image stabilisation for both photo and video. The A11 bionic chip is the most powerful and smartest chip in an iPhone. The chip runs up to 70% faster than the A10 chip and can run augmented reality apps and games. Both iPhones have a minimum capacity of 64 GB which means that you have plenty of storage on your iPhone for all of your data, games, music and photos.