Top 10 features for the new iOS 10

Have you updated to iOS 10 yet? In our opinion it’s like having a whole new phone. As there are so many new features many people are undecided whether they like it or not. Some examples of the new features of iOS 10 are that you can now send your iMessages with effects. For example, you can send a message with invisible ink, gently, loud or slam. You can also send a message with an onscreen effect with balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks and a shooting star.

You can also send particular emojis when you type certain words. If you type a word and then it is highlighted orange you just click on the word and then a selection of emojis relating to that word show up. In iMessage you can draw things to send to your friends or family similar to when you draw something on SnapChat. As well as this you can access the app store and music directly from iMessage.

The whole of the interface has changed like when you unlock the iPhone you can swipe left to see all of your notifications and then swipe right to take photos or videos. The way that photos are stored are now different to before as you can see memories in chronological order. Maps have been redesigned so that you can access more information when looking for a particular place.

The update has been both positively received as well as negatively. Many people have been pleased with the new additions but some people also dislike how much has changed. The next update may be even bigger as Apple are getting closer and closer to their ten year anniversary. Each update will no doubt include things people like as well as things that people don’t like. Whether Apple will change a number of features in the next iOS who knows.