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MacBook-Pro WaterDamage

Unibody A1278 Liquid Damage Repairs

Whether you’ve spilled tea, water, coke or vodka on your Macbook, bring it to us and we can fix it. We know how easy it is for your MacBook to come in to contact with liquids. We have an 85% success rate for fixing water damaged devices and will be happy to see if we can help with yours. Our technicians will run a liquid damage diagnosis on the MacBook. They will then give you a full report of what damage has occurred as a result of the liquid. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead with any repairs that may be required. If we don’t have parts in stock for your model, we may need to order them in. Ordering in parts is simple and only takes a couple of days to arrive. So to guarantee the quickest possible repair, please call us on 020 3397 7407  or book an online appointment.

Liquid Damage Diagnosis: £35

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