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MacBook-Pro LCD

Air-11-a1370-a1465 Screen Repair

Here at Phone Heroes we only offer full unit replacements for the MacBook Air. This is because the design of the MacBook means that the quality of the repair would be lower than if we were to replace the whole unit. This the reason why the cost of a full unit replacement is slightly higher. All MacBook screen repairs take around an hour to replace and come with a 1-Year warranty as standard. Sometimes we may need to order parts in if we don’t have them in stock. It usually takes a couple of days for the parts to arrive. To ensure a fast repair either book an appointment or please call us on


All Phone Heroes London Macbook 11″ Air A1370-A1465 screen repairs come with our One-Year Warranty.

– LCD Only Replacement: £250

– Display Assembly Replacement: £360

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