London Ambulance Service

London Ambulance Service is one of the busiest ambulance services in the world, attending over 1.2 million incidents and handling in excess of 1.9 million 999 emergency calls.

All of our front line staff are provisioned with mobile data terminals which enables the crews to quickly access patient data as and when required. These data terminals make up a crucial part of the patient journey by allowing our crews to make informed decisions about the most appropriate type of care to provide to our patients.

Being emergency responders, some of our equipment experience higher degrees of wear than expected in other corporate environments. When we have such equipment failure we need to get it fixed and back in operation as soon as possible.

In line with our commitment to responsible procurement which focuses upon Corporate social responsibility; we utilise an organisation based within the community that we serve as well as aligning with the Trust’s Equality and inclusion policy.

The service that we have received from Phone Heroes has been outstanding. Their team have been quick to respond with enquiries, highly flexibility with repairs with some being ready either the next day or during the same day! This high level of service has been fantastic for us as it reduces our requirement for additional spares as well as keeping our emergency crews fully equipped and operational.

James Brade
Head of IT Service Management
April 2019