iPhone 7 Plus VS iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test


The iPhone 6s Plus is still quite a popular smartphone but how does it compare to the 7 Plus? This video tests both the iPhones out so that you can see which one is fastest.The iPhone 6s Plus was released in September 2015 whereas the iPhone 7 Plus was released in September 2016. The iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus both have a 5.5″ screen & 1920×1080 pixels. This means that they are very similar in terms of specifications but how do they differ when it comes to speed?

The iPhone 7 Plus has an A10 chip processor whereas the iPhone 6s Plus has the A9 chip. The iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM compared to the 2GB of RAM that the 6s Plus has. The first speed test that the devices were put through was which one would start up first? The first one to start up was the 6s Plus as the 7 Plus took several more seconds to load up.

When it comes to the unlock screen once the passwords had been entered again the iPhone 6s Plus managed to open the screen faster than the 7 Plus. In terms of opening apps such as Instagram, Snapchat etc..both opened at the same time. When it came to opening games such as Angry Birds the iPhone 6s Plus always opened them first.

We can see that throughout the testing that the iPhone 6s plus is a lot faster than the 7 Plus despite the 7 Plus having a faster chip installed. The 6s Plus could be loading up faster as a reflection of a software update as you would expect the iPhone 7 Plus to load faster as it is a newer model.

Both iPhones are a popular choice for iPhone users as they both have great qualities about them. The iPhone 6s is a good iPhone for those who want something easy to use whereas the iPhone 7 Plus is great for budding photographers.

by Asia Walker