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iPad 2 Broken Glass

iPad 2 Glass Repair

Do you have a smashed iPad 2 screen? The Phone Heroes London team of qualified technicians are on hand to fix your issue. The iPad 2 screen repair is one of our most common repairs and our technicians have an extremely efficient and quality turn around time. To replace the glass on an iPad 2 it only takes around an hour to complete. If you are unsure if just the glass is cracked then we can help you out with that. Just bring your iPad into us and one of our technicians can let you know if you need a glass repair or an LCD repair.

To get in touch with us, just use our online booking service, or alternatively feel free to call us directly on 020 3397 if you have any more questions that you would like to ask us.

All iPad 2 glass repairs come with our One-Year Warranty.


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