iPhone 6s VS Hot Wax

wax iPhone

Tech Rax is back at it again with his iPhone experiments this time he has decided to put an iPhone 6s into a pot of wax to see what happens. You can see beforehand that the iPhone is fully functioning as he makes sure to test it before placing it into the pot. He then tests the wax to make sure that it is ready for the iPhone. He then drops the iPhone into the wax and leaves it there for a few moments.

Once he takes the iPhone out for the first time you can see that the screen is still on underneath the wax as the iPhone hasn’t turned off. The iPhone at this stage is still working as the YouTuber tests it by pressing one of the buttons on the screen. Only some of the apps are working which means that only parts of the screen are working. The ability to swipe is no longer working as the wax has stopped this from functioning. However, as the wax is removed from the iPhone you are able to swipe up and down.

The iPhone is then placed into the hot wax once again once it has been cleaned off to see how a second round will affect the iPhone. The second time around the iPhone is shown to be working properly. The temperature of the wax is then increased and the iPhone is placed back into the pot. However, this time as soon as it’s put in the temperature warning screen comes on meaning that you aren’t able to use the iPhone properly at that moment in time. Once it has cooled down though the iPhone is back up and running which means that you can use it properly once again. The results of this test indicate that the iPhone 6s can work after having been put into a pot of hot wax numerous times.