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MacBook-Pro HD

15″-Unibody-A1286 Virus and Malware Removal

If your MacBook has a virus or malware which you cannot remove we can remove it for you. In the process we can also clean up your MacBook for you to remove any hidden viruses. In some cases certain viruses and malware cannot be removed from your computer without restoring the entire operating system. If this is required we can restore your operating system as well. For this repair we always ask our customers to bring their charger and a portable hard drive to back up data on to. We do have our own portable hard drives in store so we can back up your data on to one of those. We do charge £25 for a full back up if you are using one of our portable hard drives. To guarantee a quick repair, please book an appointment online or call us on

020 3397 7407.

Virus & Malware Removal: £100

Operating System (OS) Restore: £130

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*All prices given are quotes and may vary depending on the serial number of your model