London’s First iPhone Repair Cafe

iPhone repair with coffee

IMG_7073-copy-618x1024-618x1024Phone Heroes Café is London’s first smartphone, tablet and laptop repair café. Our concept is simple,  while our techs repair your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can sit back & relax. With many of our most popular smartphone repairs taking only 30 minutes to complete, it’s a perfect time to enjoy one of our freshly roasted organic coffees or something to eat.

It doesn’t stop there, as part of a crusade to help our customers with their tech we also run courses on using your tech – from beginners guides to using your iPhone & iPad to programming your first iPhone app, there’s something for everyone.

Our freshly baked pastries and hearty sandwiches are prepared fresh daily, whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or something more filling, they are guaranteed to satisfy!




We take pride in our coffee! Our organic beans are sourced from our local roaster in Notting Hill and are freshly ground in store daily, making a deliciously rich and creamy coffee every time.

Started by Francesco Guarnaccia in his bedroom in 2013, Phone Heroes was born. Fran’s passion and aptitude for fixing friends and families broken tech were clear, in 2014 Phone Heroes became a Prince’s Trust Supported business and the company quickly expanded to open their first shop in Earl’s Court station in 2015.


Abel Working

Our most popular repairs include our 30-minute screen repair and 20-minute battery replacement. Francesco noticed his customers were looking for somewhere to go while their tech was being fixed. This problem for customers was the inspiration for the new store, Phone Heroes Café in Hendon, combining our high tech repair centre with our café, offering delicious coffees, pastries and sandwiches to enjoy while you wait.

Phone Heroes repair centres offer a full range of repairs on the most popular devices on the market:  iPhone, MacBook, Samsung, Sony and more.



Devices We Repair

Project F – 5 Ultimate Facebook Party F*@!ups!

project x 1

Public apologies in national papers… riot police herding teenagers down the street… neighbours cowering in their homes… these crazy parties all share one common ingredient… Facebook.  It seems guest lists can take on epic proportions as a result of a single seemingly-innocent Facebook post.

Party 1

Location: Hartford, near Crewe, Cheshire, UK

Date: October 2014

These guys invited 40 people and 200 turned up… many of whom were “drunk”, according to local paper reports.  21 police officers were required to break up this party.  Local police tweeted: if your child is organising a party, do not let them promote it via social media, as the consequences can be serious. The house was ‘trashed’ and it took two hours to get the teenagers ‘under control’ and away from the area. This wasn’t the evening the party organiser had planned!


Party 2

Location: Highgate, London, UK

Date:October 2013

A whopping 600 extra uninvited guests meant this party suddenly got a lot larger than its unwitting organiser intended. Riot police were drafted in to deal with these revellers. Reports say the £1m home was ‘wrecked’ and neighbours worried for their safety.  When the parents returned home from a holiday in the South of France to encounter the mess they said: “All parents should be warned that this could happen if you go away and leave your 17-year-old alone.  I think if anyone is going to throw a party, they need to look at their privacy settings on Facebook.  It’s absolutely essential that children are made aware of this.”


Party 3

Location: Farnborough, Hampshire, UK

Date: July 2009

200 uninvited revealers turned up to this party according to police. These two unsuspecting teenagers unleashed the works: dogs, helicopters, riot police in the street facing down a hundred teenagers determined to party. Damage cost: although the two small flats where the party was originally planned to be hosted didn’t sustain much damage the subsequent police response pushed up the tab for this party.  Police sources said it cost them around £10,000. Not bad for this 15 year old and 17 year old who had even gone to the trouble of getting their parents’ permission!


Party 4

Location: Dunraven Street, Park Lane, London, UK

Date: February 2010

Gatecrasher ratio 10/10 – eyewitness reports put 2,500 party goers (who had definitely NOT done ravin’) at the scene.  This party was purposefully advertised on Facebook by squatters after they received an eviction notice, so the riot police were probably entirely justified. Damage cost: we don’t know the overall tally but the unoccupied house was worth £30m.  With Park Lane closed off thanks to the revellers and reports of stone throwing, drug taking and vomiting in the street, the damage tally must have been quite high. This is one party that got seriously out of hand.



Party 5

Location: Escot House near Ottery St Mary, East Devon, UK

Date:October 2013

This party’s problem wasn’t the gatecrashers; it was the party’s unwilling participants that were taking to Facebook.  Villagers up to three miles away could hear the party and Facebook was the vehicle of choice for local residents to vent their rage. Police response: Very low key.  The police made a 4am call, and complaints were also been made to East Devon District Council’s Environmental Health department which recommended a full apology be made to the complainants and that greater care is taken over future private, unlicensed events. Mostly to the 18 year old’s reputation, but the full public apology might go some way to unruffle the feathers of local residents. The lesson from this appears to be that if your party does get out of hand, it helps if you have 200 acres of ‘stunning private parkland’ to host it in.  That way, Facebook may be the source of a few complaints but you shouldn’t have to worry about the riot police.


So remember kids – if you are going to a private party tonight… be careful what you post on social media!  You don’t want a Facebook party f*@!up on your hands!

And… Whatever you are doing tonight, everyone at the Phone Heroes team would like to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Happy Christmas Everyone

christmas message

We’d like to wish all our customers, supporters and friends a very happy Christmas.

2014 has been an amazing year for us and we’d like to thank you all for helping us achieve so much in these twelve short months.

At the start of this year we were nominated and accepted to be a Prince’s Trust business.  This is both a great recognition of our entrepreneurial spirit and also a fantastic opportunity for us; we have access to a knowledgeable business mentor who is helping us develop a growth strategy for Phone Heroes.

The first step along this road was our move to Brent Cross Shopping Centre where we’ve managed to bag ourselves a piece of prime real estate right outside the Apple Store.



If that wasn’t enough, we then launched our brand-new website: Thanks for visiting us here!

And now, to cap off the year, we’ve worked with The BBC to investigate fake iPhones.  The Fake Britain team used our experienced advice to help consumers avoid being ripped off,


We’re so proud of all we’ve achieved this year and it really, truly would not have been possible without the wonderful support we’ve had from fantastic people like you and we’d like to take this opportunity to share a bit of festive cheer and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Best wishes from all of the Phone Heroes team.

Francesco Guarnaccia
Chief Executive Officer

Asia Walker
Marketing Executive


Battle of the Santa Trackers

santa tracker

It’s a far cry from Royal Mail’s letters to Santa (still going strong, in case you’re interested)… these days you can track Santa’s progress around the globe online.  But are you a NORAD or a Google believer?

NORAD was the original Santa Tracker.  It has its roots in a programme started in conjunction with the Sears department store in the US, initially with a team of volunteers manning the phones to take calls from children about Santa’s location.  Since 1997, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has made it possible to view Santa’s progress over the internet as he travels the world on Christmas Eve delivering his presents to all the well-behaved children (and possibly some coal to those who aren’t!).

01 norad

These days the website starts gearing up for the Santa tracking from the 1st of December and you can find a whole host of goodies on the site – explore the North Pole, open a door on the advent calendar of games to reveal a new game each day, play the NORAD tracks Santa trailer to whet your appetite for the 24th and even buy the tshirt!

From 2004 NORAD teamed up with Google to show Santa using Google Earth maps, but by 2013 Microsoft had muddied the waters by getting in on the action.  NORAD now use Bing for the 2D mapping of Santa’s progress.

Google, meanwhile, has continued to develop its own in-house Santa tracking talent and now offers a rival Santa Tracker.  I prefer the bright cheerful graphics, and there is some great interactive bits on the site designed to help kids learn about global geography and Christmas traditions around the world.

02 google santa tracker advent

In reality Google is offering a similar content to the NORAD site, with a new element of Santa’s village in the North Pole offering something new each day, plus there’s an advent calendar of cool free stuff and the live Santa tracking on the 24th of course.

If I had to make a call, it would be in favour of Google, but I guess the most important thing is to pick one and then stick to it… otherwise there might be some tricky explaining to do come Christmas Eve and Santa is in two places at the same time… although NORAD does offer an explanation for this possibility on its Santa facts page.

The answer is obvious really, when it’s explained: Santa clearly operates within a different time-space continuum than we do.

Top 6 Most Addictive Mobile Games of 2014

addictive video games

At great personal risk, we’ve battled through potential addiction to bring your our short-list of some of the most obsession-inducing games for your mobile phone of 2014…

1. 2048


The hands-down winner for this award has to be 2048… the scarily addictive ‘Tetris + basic addition’ game. It has broad appeal – it’s got us hooked, and our grandparents and everyone in between – and despite/ because of the simple concept it is far too easy to get lost in it for hours.  Available in iOS and Android variants, it’s a definite contender to knock crazy birds off its perch and consign candy crush to the great sweetshop in the sky.


2. Leo’s Fortune


 Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful platform game which will have you hooked because of its gorgeous graphics. Leo is a gruff but endearing moustachioed fluff ball who needs to recover his gold.  Help him follow the trail of gold through lush landscapes and beautifully realised environments tackling puzzles along the way. It is beautiful and you’ll soon be hooked.


3. Table Tennis Touch


Table Tennis Touch has got to be the most realistic table tennis game for the iPhone or iPad. You begin getting some lessons from the cheery robot Wiff-Waff then progress through beautifully-realised village halls against increasingly challenging opponents. The designers claim of ‘unrivalled dynamics’ is easy to accept; you can play drop shots, topspin drives, curving loops and smashes like a pro. The dynamics might be fantastic but later levels are fiendishly difficult – you have been warned!


4. Room 2


Room2 came out for iPad in December 2013, but the iPhone and Android versions came out early this year so it has snuck onto this short list. Mesmerising visual detail and scarily engrossing puzzle chapters make this game hard to put down.


5. Monument Valley


Monument Valley’s game play is possibly a little too short to qualify as truly addictive, but it makes our list because of its beautiful MC Escher inspired graphics. Apple has just named it iPad game of the year, calling it: “An enchanting blend of Escher-inspired perspective puzzles and beautiful minimalist style, this genre-defining effort wows at every turn. Its clever challenges and hidden depth left us in perpetual state of awe.”


6. Clumsy Ninja


Clumsy Ninja is possibly one of the cutest characters to be created this year… throw him, tickle him, tie balloons to him or simply train him. Everything you do will improve Clumsy Ninja’s ninja skills and help him travel the world and complete quests in order to find his missing friend Kira. But it’s the endearing animation that makes him one of the top games of 2014 that we keep returning too.


What have we missed?  Do you agree with our list?  Which mobile games have had you hooked this year?  Let us know what’s occupied your iPad and iPhone in 2014…

Here Are 5 Affordable James Bond Gadgets

Here at Phone Heroes, we’re all pretty excited to see the announcement about the next James Bond’s film, Spectre.  We love our gadgets, so were excited to see the Aston Martin DB10, designed especially for the film.

The DB10 won’t be available to consumers, however.  Aston Martin plans only to make ten and they will be exclusively used for filming.  Which is a shame if your Christmas shopping budget does stretch to a few hundred thousand pounds.  For the rest of us, we’ll have to content ourselves with the Bond technologies that have made it to the production line…


  1. The Shoe with the Heel Compartment

As seen in Goldfinger (1964).  Sean Connery might have stored homing beacons in his heel, but fifty years of technological innovation later and you can keep a firestarter and wet cubes in yours!

hiking boot with heel compartment

The Rocky S2V Substratum hiking boot gives you the tools you need to start a fire when you get caught stranded in the wilderness.  Really, though, should a secret agent really be relying on wet cubes?

If that doesn’t float your boat, perhaps you fancy a more feminine take on the secret compartment shoe?  Double Agent shoes look nigh on impossible to walk in – not ideal for a secret agent – but, by gosh, you can stash a lot of lipstick in that heel!

heel compartment shoe

  1. The Underwater Camera

In Thunderball (1965) Sean Connery is able to take underwater pictures of Largo’s nefarious activities using a special camera with built-in Geiger counter.  It might not have a Geiger counter, but the Go-Pro Hero cameras are waterproof up to 40m and have a range of dive filters for optimum image quality.  They definitely make it to our Christmas wish list!  In photography at least, the fifty years of technological innovation between Bond film and today’s Christmas lists have paid off.

underwater camera



  1. The Communication Wrist Watch

Roger Moore uses a modified Seiko Duo-Time wristwatch in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only.  In fact, the device has a starring role in the film’s cheesy finale.  Thirty-three years later, you can get your mitts on a walkie-talkie wrist watch complete with retro 80s’ styling for just £100, but in today’s world of smart wearable tech even that price tag seems a little steep.

walkie talkie wrist watch



  1. The Jet Pack

Perhaps the ultimate James Bond gadget!  Sean Connery employs the Rocket Belt to escape to his waiting DB5 in Thunderball.  We only had to wait another nineteen years to see them again in amazing opening ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles’ Olympics.  Another thirty years on and, while you may not be able to fly a jetpack just yet, you can pre-order one from Martin Jetpack.

jet pack


Although it will set you back the price of an Aston Martin… Perhaps this example from Not on the High Street is a more realistic alternative…?


  1. Underwater Breathing Gear

tankless underwater breathing

Let’s face it, tankless diving is so James Bond.  Sean Connery did it in Thunderball in 1965 and then again in You Only Live Twice in 1967.  And Daniel Craig could have probably done with Connery’s miniature breathing gear in 2006’s Casino Royale.  Now an innovative South Korean designer has come up with the ultimate Bond-style tankless diving gadget, which takes the oxygen from the surrounding seawater.  Sadly, it’s just a prototype at the moment so it’s not a goer for this year’s list… maybe next year…?


Which Bond gadget would you like to see make it to the high street?  Most of the best gadgets are a little explosive for many practical everyday uses… have you got any ideas about how they could be put to more productive use?  Share your ideas with us below – we’d love to hear your Bond wish list!


To whet your appetite you can see the Spectre announcement here:

Top 10 Designer Looks for Your Mobile Device

top 101 apps

Here’s our choice of what to buy that gadget-loving special person in your life.  This is our pick from some of our favourite designers and their Christmas 2014 cases and covers for iPads and iPhones.

Bottega Veneta


How about this elegant intrecciato case from Bottega Veneta for a real colour pop this Christmas?  Available in Electrique (royal blue), rosa shock (bright pink), signal blue (bright blue veering on turquoise) and grey, and crafted in the soft nappa leather, it’ll set you back just £230 to keep your phone looking this good.


Miu Miu


This mini iPad cover in Miu Miu’s signature textured Matelassé leather will set you back a mere £240.  The soft black leather is our favourite, but it also comes in cod (a pale pink) and geranium pink (bright pink). Click HERE to buy.





Love the new gold colour of your iPad Air 2?  Continue with the colour theme on your case too with this gorgeous leather iPad case from Burberry.  At just £350, it also comes in cadmium red and black. Click HERE to buy.




This glossy crocodile print is a little edgy when compared to Smythson’s usual collections, but the charcoal grey exterior and soft black suede interior lend this iPad case classic style.  A steal at just £235. Click HERE to buy.



Diane Von Furstenburg

DIANE VONThe playful heritage prints on these silicon cases for the iPhone 5 from Diane von Furstenburg come in a bright python pattern or a shocking red leopard.  Priced at a really reasonable £38, they prove you don’t have to spend megabucks to dress your phone in style. Click HERE to buy.



LIBERTY CASELiberty’s slip covers for the iPhone 5 have a leather exterior with microfibre lining that helps clean your screen.  It comes in a range of classic Liberty prints, including this fabulous Ianthe in red, blue or purple at £55 for the phone case.  And for another £95 you can dress your iPad to match too. Click HERE to buy.





And you thought the London skyline was all over in 2012!  Burberry gives an edgy new take on it here in this line of soft leather iPad cases and iPhone cases featuring different cityscapes.  The motif is laser cut into leather and laid onto a patchwork of coloured suede. Choose from London, Paris, San Francisco, Shaghai, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles or Milan.  It’s all about knowing your markets, I guess.  Take your pick of the cities for just £550 for the iPad case or £295 for the phone case. Click HERE to buy.


Hugo Boss


If you prefer a more classic style, then how about these surprisingly reasonably priced leather cases from Hugo Boss?  Phone covers for the iPhone 5 or 5s are just £45 in soft black leather.  There’s also some great value hard cases for the iPhone in the range as well as universal cases. Click HERE to buy.



Cath Kidston

KK ipad case

Cath Kidston’s PU cases for the iPad and iPhone are available in a range of spots, cartoon London buses, and floral prints.  The Aubrey Rose is traditional Kidston kitsch and the wipe-clean pretty print will set you back just £35 for an iPad case or £24.95 to protect your phone. Click HERE to buy.


Orla Kiely

KK iPhone Case

Tech manufacturer Belkin have teamed up with designer Orla Kiely to bring some of her instantly-recognisable prints to your mobile or iPad.  The semi-flexible plastic case with shock-absorbent protection for the iPhone 5 is £24.99, with the iPad cases setting you back £54.99. Click HERE to buy.



Turn Your Smartphone Into A Polaroid Camera!


As always – bringing you the burning news first: hardware startup Prynt shows off their latest prototypes of their smartphone Polaroid cases, which contain built-in printers so you can instantly get a copy of that selfie with your best friends.

The small startup just across the channel in France have been working on turning your smartphone into a Polaroid camera. The design is simple – your smartphone sends your photo via Bluetooth to the case which prints your photo. It kinda of reminds me of the old GameBoy Colour printer, remember that…


At the moment it takes about 50 seconds from photo opp to printed picture but can only hold one piece of paper at a time. The planned consumer version though will hold 10-30 sheets of paper and take fewer than 30 seconds to print!


It will cost around $99 (£63) when first made available through their Kickstarter early next year. They will be compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and maybe even the 6+ and a couple of the Galaxy phones. We think this would be an awesome bit of kit to have – perfect for that ‘on-the-spot-cant-possibly-wait-to-print-selfie’ (cos that’s a thing!)

Lets us know your thoughts below..