The Biggest Tech Fails Of 2016

technology fail

2016 was another big year for technology however, although there have been many successful technology advances there have also been many fails. The biggest one of 2016 is of course the Note 7 fiasco that took over the technology industry for a while. Samsung, Yahoo and Apple all had fails last year. Many people know what issues Samsung had last year but did you know what fail Palmer Lucky had?

This video goes through the various different fails that several technological companies had last year. Some of the business you will have heard of and some you may not have heard of such as Fitbit who also suffered their own fail. They purchased the brand Pebble but only to use their software to improve their own brand.

Palmer Lucky who is the creator of the Oculus Rift suffered a major fail last year as he was seen as using money to fund trolls in the run up to the US Presidential Election. Facebook who now own Oculus Rift also had their own technological fail as they had an issue with “fake news”. 2017 is a new year for technology and is sure to bring us many great devices and concepts. As we have seen at the CES event earlier in the month there are some amazing devices and services that have been created but yet to be released in the technology world.

Some examples, of the incredible things that we saw at this year’s show are Dell’s 2-in-1 laptop, the Hypersuit machine, a smart tattoo and Razor’s new three screen laptop. These are only a handful of products that were on show. Many aren’t going to be released until 2018 but we can expect to see a few in 2017. Let’s hope that with Samsung set to release the S8 in April that they don’t have another Note 7 drama.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

Samsung s8


Samsung have released previous models at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) such as the S5 and the S6. However, it is looking like they are more likely to release the S8 sometime in March instead at a New York City event. This means that it will be available in stores around April time. This is slightly later than they normally release their smartphones. However, Samsung will probably want to make sure that the S8 is completely ready to launch before it is released as they don’t want a repeat of the Note 7.The rumors have been saying that there will be two sets of screens again. This time they will be more flat and may have double curves on both smartphones. There will probably be two screen sizes again such as the S7 and then the S7 Edge.

One screen will be more cost effective and reasonable in price. There are rumours that the second screen may have a 4K screen although this seems a bit excessive. Samsung may have the option to change the screen from 4K to normal. This makes it easier for users to change the screen when they are playing a virtual reality game for example.

Another rumour that has been going around is that Samsung will remove the physical home button. It could be moved to the side of the smartphone or underneath it. However, whether or not Samsung will go through with this change we don’t know yet. There have been prototypes that have been created which have included this new design.
Samsung like to keep the process of getting into the smartphone quick and easy so we can’t quite see them changing this aspect just yet. One other rumour is that the smartphone will come with an iris scanner that will allow you to use your eyes to open the smartphone.

In terms of the cameras the rumours have not been clear entirely. Samsung could be improving their cameras so that the quality is better as the S7 & the S7 Edge had amazing cameras. Some rumours have said that the camera may have an 80mp camera. The only way that this would be possible is if a combination of things are used.


Volkswagen’s New Electronic Microbus

volkswagen car


Almost everyone will know what the “Hippies bus” from the 1960’s looks like even if you didn’t grow up in that era. It’s an iconic vehicle that was essentially a mini bus that could be used to drive around but also camp out in the back. Recently at this year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit Volkswagen unveils it’s new concept for the futuristic micro bus. This one will be self-driving and electronic meaning that it gets it’s charge from physically charging it up with a lead instead of putting in petrol or diesel.

From the outside the vehicle looks very similar to the ones that Volkswagen produced in the 1960s. However, the newer model is a little more shiny and the whole design looks more futuristic. The main differences are on the inside where you can really tell that it is built for the future and not the 1960s. It has eight seats inside which means that a whole family can fit comfortably.

The engine is electric and has self-driving functions which is a first for minivans according to Volkswagen. The two front seats can rotate 180° making it easier for people to communicate with each other. In order for the driver to activate the self-driving aspect they would need to push it into the cockpit of the vehicle. The driver can then turn around to face their passengers and talk or even eat.

The way that the self-driving works is that a mixture of technology will all work together to make sure that the vehicle continues to drive along the road safely. For example, laser scanners, ultrasound sensors, radar sensors and area-view cameras will all work together to ensure that the vehicle is safely controlled without a human assisting. The van can drive around 600 kilometres once it is fully charged and would only take 30 minutes to charge up to 80%. If Volkswagen can pull this off then this could be a huge success as there are many positive aspects to the upgraded Microbus.


Cosmo The Robot Will Make Your Day!

cosmo robot

Cosmo the robot is just like any robot but he’s pocket size and has a mind of his own. He has a one of a kind personality and you can build a firm friendship with him. You can play games with Cosmo and introduce him to new people. He will also become your best friend, do flips and obey. You can learn to keep Cosmo happy and healthy by using the app daily to see what activities you need to carry out.

The technology used to create Cosmo lets him really explore the world and make decisions based upon his mood. He has four motors and over fifty gears that allow him to change the pace that he moves around. He has a 30 fps VGA camera that has sophisticated facial recognition software that lets him remember any interaction that he has with you.

Cosmo has feelings and these are portrayed by the various different mood-setting sound tracks and unique voice tones that Cosmo has. In addition to this Cosmo has his own CPU board. Cosmo is made up of 300+ different parts. He has been designed so that he is durable and cannot break if he is dropped. Therefore, his life span is long and he is sure to keep you happy for a long while.

If you have pets then Cosmo can detect these now which means that he is basically a part of the family. You can also personalise your Cosmo if you want to by using the Cosmo Software Development Kit which allows you to adjust the hardware and software of your Cosmo robot. Cosmo costs $179.99 (£149.23) and can be purchased from Anki. This would be a great birthday gift and I’m sure that anyone will enjoy it even if they aren’t a technology lover. Cosmo is something that the whole family can enjoy and could be a great companion for friends or family who spent a lot of time alone.

Incredible Augmented Reality Comic Books

Augmented reality comic books

This comic is unlike any other. The only way that you can find out the whole story is by downloading the app that goes with it. Not only is it a comic but it’s also an augmented reality comic book. This just means that the story comes to life making the line between what is real and what isn’t smaller and smaller. Much like VR you need something to activate the technology whether it’s a pair of glasses or in this case a smartphone.

The comic itself will cost you £30 and the app that you will need to download to enjoy the full experience is free. It’s a whole new way to read comic books as it allows you to really immerse yourself into the story. This would be a great gift for any comic geek as well as any tech fan. It’s something that we could have expected appearing in the future as the world of technology moves towards virtual reality and augmented reality.

Comic books aren’t that popular anymore which is why this feature is so special because it makes people want to read them again. The comic itself is almost two stories in one as if you read the comic without using the app it tells a different story then if you use the app. The app reveals all of Polaxis’s secrets who is the main character in the comic.

It’s a clever concept as it adds value to something that some people may not find time to read. The whole family can enjoy this experience as each and every one of us is bound to be impressed with the technology behind it. We are sure to see many more comic books designed with augmented reality as the trend becomes more and more popular in 2017. Augmented reality comic books are the way forward!

Is This The Best Gaming Laptop Ever?

razer computer

Razer have created a laptop that has not one but three screens that all display 4K. This is first of it’s kind to be created and is specifically for gamers to create the ultimate experience. There is one normal screen that you can see when you open the laptop and the two other ones come out from behind it to create one big screen. It only weighs 12 pounds and can be seen as a notebook rather than a laptop.

The name of this creation is “Project Valerie” with the main aim of being able to offer more pixels to those that want to have a more defined image on their screens. The screens put together are 17.3-inches and have a combined resolution of 12K. The two extra screens have an underglow light to add to the gaming experience. The laptop comes with one of Razer’s Chroma Mechanical Keyboards. They keyboard can light up in 16.8 million different colours.

Laptops are becoming thinner and thinner as consumers want them to be easy to travel with as well as not heavy to carry. This computer would be a gamers dream as it means that they can game on the go without having to have a console and a TV to use. The laptop is not yet available to the public as it’s just a concept at the moment by Razor.

This is sure to impress any gamer as it’s the ultimate laptop for gamers who want to play on the go. Long gone are the days where you have to carry around multiple devices to be able to play a game. You can just take this laptop and you’re ready to go. The only issue that you may face is not having a desk that is big enough to fit the three screens on.

Why You Can’t Get Your Hands On The Nokia 6

nokia 6

Nokia have finally re-entered the smartphone market however, you can only get your hands on their new Nokia 6 in China. The Finnish company HMD who own Nokia’s brand licensing rights in mobile phones in late 2016 have decided that 2017 is the year that Nokia get back into the smartphone game. It will only be exclusive to China and can be brought through the retail giant JD.

The Nokia 6 is the first smartphone released by Nokia in a while. However, there are plans for more smartphones from Nokia to be released later on in the year. HMD want to set a new standard in terms of their design, material quality and manufacturing innovation. The Nokia 6 has a bright hybrid in-cell 5.5″ screen which has full HD-resolution and colour reproduction. The screen has been wrapped in a 2.5D Gorilla Glass which will provide a strong layer of protection to the screen.

It has a 4GB RAM and a 64GB storage allowing you to store many things on your new smartphone. It has been fitted with a 8mp front camera and a 16mp rear camera which has been designed to use auto focus to create sharp detailed pictures. The reason why HMD have chosen to only sell this device in China is because they have the largest and most competitive smartphone industry. The smartphone is priced at 1,699 CNY (roughly £201.25) which is a reasonable price for a brand new smartphone. HMD want to create smartphones that meet the needs of the customers and that they feel like they are receiving a premium product.

Although the smartphone was due to launch later on HMD have decided to release it early so that they can make the most of the Chinese new year. They are likely to sell a good amount of smartphones as it’s known that the Chinese buy loads of new tech during their celebrations. This is a clever marketing move by HMD as it allows them to reach a large number of potential customers at a time they are more likely to spend money on electronics.

What if the internet collapsed?!


The internet is something that we all rely on whether it’s to make calls, send emails, look up directions or finding out what the weather is. But what would happen if it collapsed? First of all you wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone. Unless we went back to writing letters and using messengers. Work would have to stop while companies figure out how to communicate with their customers and other businesses.

Cellphone reception would be out the window as the cables & satellites that used to support the wireless phone service wouldn’t work without internet. Emails wouldn’t work which means that communication wouldn’t be quick and easy as it is now. You wouldn’t be able to use any of your social media accounts so communicating worldwide would be a lot of hard work. If you wanted to find something out then you would have to read a book instead of just looking it up online.

If you like to spend your time watching TV, YouTube, playing video games or doing anything on electronic devices then the chances are you will need the internet to do this. Food would be massively effected as food would fly off the shelves. Food manufacturers use the internet to monitor and order their supplies from all over the world.

The production of food would stop which would create a ripple effect meaning that there was no food on the shelves. Of course the most obvious thing that would happen is that people would panic because of the uncertainty of what would happen. The lack of information would create panic as humans don’t like not knowing what is going to happen. The economy would be effected as people wouldn’t be able to use their credit or debit cards. They wouldn’t be able to withdraw any money from the cash machines as they need the internet to function.


Technology Has Changed Live Theatre



Live theatre can be an exciting experience that can be shared with friends or family. However, with the help of technology this experience can be enhanced with bigger and better effects. This performance of The Tempest by The Royal Shakespeare Company shows how technology can really build the future of live theatre.

The Royal Shakespeare Company has teamed up with Intel and The Imaginarium Studio to create this futuristic live theatre performance. Technology has allowed the company to create “digital characters” that can be shown during the live show.  Actors and actresses can interact with the “digital character” during the show to create a realistic scene. However, unlike in movies and TV shows the character is not just a digital image. It’s actually a human wearing various technology that allows the “digital character” to move when the human does.

This allows  Ariel’s spontaneity to continue to an element that’s crucial for live theatre. The way that this particular technology works is by capturing the actors/actresses movements digitally as well as their facial movements. It then transmits these to the digital avatar and syncs them so that they happen at the same time. It took over a year for the technology which is called Ariel to be designed and produced.

Different departments have to work together to make sure that Ariel is incorporated into the show smoothly. This means that departments such as lighting, design and video need to make sure that the audience experience a smoothly run show. As the months pass by we are sure to see a rapid change within the world of live theatre as they incorporate more technology. This will allow theatre producers to create unique experiences for both the audience, actors & actresses and the producers of Ariel. It has opened a door that you can truly let your imagination run wild with.


Sirin Labs $20,000 Smartphone!

sirin labs smartphone


This smartphone by Sirin Labs costs around $20,000 (£16,301) it has a special curved glass which is made out of exceptionally tough materials. The front camera is a wide-angle camera and has a special flash that makes the lighting better when you are taking a video in poor lighting. It has a 5.5″ screen which has been especially made for Sirin Labs. The display has a high quality as there are 16 LED lights in the back which allows individual colours to be displayed in their best format.

The material of the smartphone provides a resilience and durability like no other. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 2GHz octa-core, 64-bit CPU which is designed to ensure that the connectivity, speed and power reaches their maximum limits. The smartphone has a 4gb low power double data rate memory RAM. It comes with a 128gb storage as a minimum on all of their smartphones. The battery is of a high quality as it is a 4000 mAh lithium ion battery. It has the loudest speaker system in the world for smartphones with bass-boosted speakers to maximum volume without any distortions.

The back cover of the smartphone is made from the most exclusive Italian leather. The main camera has 24 megapixels with laser auto focus and industry-leading four-tone flash, reproducing natural light under flash conditions. It also has a finger sensor which has a highly accurate algorithm that ensures you the most privacy. It has it’s own security shield which creates an isolated environment which ensures the highest level of security is used when calls or messages are sent or received.

With smartphones being able to do all of this there is only a short amount of time before manufacturers incorporate some of these aspects into mainstream smartphones. Although they won’t be as high quality as this smartphone from Sirin Labs they will certainly improve in quality over time.